Perfect Whipped Cream

Who is ready for the Holidays? I cannot wait. Not only do I get to see my family, it is also my birthday month. Around this time of the year, I almost start counting down the days until I go visit my family. It may seem kind of early to start thinking about food for the holidays but you already know Christmas is right around the corner. The grocery stores are already blasting Christmas music, people are already decorating their homes and you see the Christmas commercials so I think it is okay to start gathering recipes. To kick off recipes for the holidays, I have a simple recipe that you would want to top all of your desserts with; whipped cream!

Whipped cream $

Whipped cream is not usually something I buy from the store so I didn’t really know what store bought whipped cream tasted like as compared to homemade until a couple of weeks ago when I was at an event and I put some brand name whipped cream on my apple pie. I can’t speak for all of the brands but there was a big difference in taste and it just wasn’t great. You might think store bought whipped cream is the bomb but that is probably because you haven’t had the real thing. This post is to save you from the store bought kind. Please next time when you go to the store and you want some whipped cream, just grab heavy cream instead and come to this recipe. It is easier than you think! Yea I know, I say a lot of my recipes are easy but seriously this is really easy and WAY better than whipped cream you will get from the store.

Apple crumble with whipped cream

Some of you may shy away from making whipped cream from scratch because you think you have to be in the kitchen beating it forever. By all means, if you want an arm workout, grab a whisk and beat away. But the fastest way to make whipped cream is with a blender. Your whipped cream will be done in no time. I use a handheld blender but you can also use a standing one or a mixer. It helps to chill the bowl or the blender/mixer beforehand. This way your whipped cream comes together quickly and fluffier. You just have to make sure you stop when your heavy cream forms into soft or stiff peaks. You can go a little beyond that (I often do) but not much more. If you do, you will get a very gritty looking cream, then eventually butter. By all means, if you want to make butter, blend away. Okay, here is the recipe.

Whipped cream spoon
Look at how creamy 😍

Perfect Whipped Cream

This recipe yields about 2 cups.

  • 1 cup very cold heavy cream
  • 2 to 4 tablespoons powdered sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla


Pour heavy cream, 2 tablespoons powdered sugar and vanilla in a large bowl or in a blender. Blend briefly to combine and at this point you can taste and add some more sugar if you would like. Continue blending until soft to stiff peaks develop, this may take about a minute. Use it to top anything you want and enjoy.






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