3 Steps I Take To Get Back on Track with My Goals

Back on track

Am I the only one who feels like January was kind of hectic? The days were just running into each other and turning into weeks and by the time I knew it, it was February. Which is also over and now it is March already? When I get busy, I tend to prioritize the things that have deadlines while my personal goals and some of my actual priorities get put on the back burner. It wasn’t until about two weeks ago that I started gaining some more control over my schedule and putting some more work into my goals for the year. How do you get back on track when you are feeling like the days are slipping by and your personal goals or priorities are getting left behind? Here are three steps that help me get back on track with my goals.

1. I schedule time to plan

I actually block out planning time on my calendar and take this time seriously. This is a time for me to revisit my goals and make some deadlines if I haven’t already. I think about what has been getting in the way of me working on my goals and develop a strategy for working on them. For example I have noticed that I am usually the most tired on week nights so if I plan something too demanding or unexciting on a week night, I am less likely to get it done. So I have to plan more manageable tasks on week nights instead.

2. I revisit my why’s

My why’s are the core reasons I want to accomplish my goals. These reasons aren’t shallow. They are deeper than because I want to make more money or it will be fun. I sometimes have to ask why to my why’s (yes like a child). This is important to me because my why’s motivate me to accomplish my goals even when they are inconvenient, uncomfortable or call for sacrifices. I wouldn’t be motivated to put in the work if I didn’t know why I was doing what I was doing or if I had nothing but shallow reasons.

3. I break up my big goals into bite size goals

Sometimes the main reason I am having a hard time accomplishing my goals is because I have scheduled big scary tasks to be done in one sitting. When the time comes for me to do these tasks, first of all I procrastinate them because they are scary. Then when I finally decide to start, I hardly scratch the surface and feel unaccomplished. Have you ever had that one task on your to do list that though you are working on it you can’t seem to be able to cross it off yet? When this happens I know I have to break it up into small doable goals that I can schedule to do even daily. I can break up a goal like launch a website into goals like decide on a domain name, choose a page theme, write an about me page, and so forth. The simpler I make my tasks, the easier it will be for me to get them done.

What about you? Can you relate to any of the above? Share your thoughts or what you do to get back on track in the comments below. If you are in a similar boat and are looking for ways to get back on track, I hope these steps I take help you out too.

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