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Welcome to Salt & Wild Honey! Here you will find what I am cooking and some of my thoughts and experiences.

A little about me

I love food, I love dancing, I love creating things, and above all I love God. I am fascinated with designing behavior modification tools and using design methods to solve problems, I am obsessed with earrings, I am an electronic hoarder, I am a peanut butter enthusiast, music is my drug, and I enjoy solitude (very much). I am from Cameroon, born and raised. Well for ten years then I moved to Senegal with my family. I moved to the US for college and I now live in Philadelphia. I am terrible at answering the “tell me about yourself” question but you will find out more about me if you stick around.

Why Salt & Wild Honey?

Salt because there is salt in almost everything I cook, even the desserts. And why not? Jesus says we are the salt of the earth which further shows how important of an ingredient salt is. No one wants to be bland. Therefore I want my posts to be seasoned with salt.

Wild Honey is in relation to my weird side. The reference is from John the Baptist in the Bible. One would say he had a very unique sense of style and he ate locusts and wild honey. Apart from what he stood for and what he did, he also sounds like a pretty weird guy and sometimes I can relate. So though salt will be prevalent on this blog, do not be surprised when you see a little wild honey. Consider yourself warned.

Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy this blog and I hope my posts inspire you to try new recipes or in other ways.

Thank you for visiting!


Fuajia (pronounced Fun-jiรก)